Superlative present perfect

→ Gary Danko is the best place that I have eaten at in San Francisco. Superlatives: Form, And Use With Present Perfect With “Ever” This worksheets lets students revisit the form of superlatives and their use with present perfect with “ever”

    المسافة بدات طائرة حركتها من السكون و تسارعت
  1. This will reinforce Superlatives with the Present Perfect Tense
  2. beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful
  3. This is the best movie I’ ve ever watched
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  5. Superlatives That Change the Y to an I and Add -est
  6. 3rd - 8th grade
  7. The word elephant has three syllables
  8. Everest is the highest mountain in the world
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  10. Language: English
  11. First part they make three sentences for each picture
  12. Give each student a copy of the worksheet